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Studio Services
At Boh's Photography we preform studio services which include numerous back drop set-ups. Where children's photography is preformed to adult photography which also include personal photography with  numerous packages. packages start from as low as $20.00 and up. With many packages in between.
Boh's Photography Services
At Boh's Photography, we have beautiful wedding packages, which include all locations.  From home or hotel to final destination of the day.  Packages start  from $895.00 - up depending on what you want in your package.
Wedding Services
On Site Services 
At Boh's photography we will also do onsite services. which mean we will come out and preform photography at your affair on site at a wedding, hall, club, your home, birthday, anniversaries, parties, etc. Some at small set-up fee and some at no cost at all.  Contact Boh's Photography for more details
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